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Wisdom in Practice: Capacity building with older people to develop user-led services

New website!  We have a new Wisdom in Practice website where you can find all of our resources, publications, links, information and more. Go to: www.wisdominpractice.org.uk

About the project

Wisdom in Practice aims to build on the skills, knowledge and confidence of older people, to enable you to start or develop services that are led by older people. It works with older people across Scotland to make a difference to the opportunities and services you can use.

The project is supported by a grant from the Scottish Government under the Equalities funding programme and will run for 3 years to early 2015.

We can work with people aged 50 and above across Scotland, in cities, towns and rural areas.

We particularly want to work with older people who sometimes get missed from initiatives for older people, or feel they would like to start services that are designed around their circumstances. This includes people from the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) communities and Black and Minority Ethnic communities.

The services can be anything which provides practical benefit to older people. The user-led part of it means that older people have a significant role in setting the values and detail of the service as well as deciding that it is needed.

What will happen

We are talking to people to find out about existing examples of services led by older people, and to hear about the gaps that people see and yourideas about the ways older people can contribute to making things better.

We are working with some localprojects, to help people there develop their ideas. Examples can be:

  • Developing an initial idea to the point where it is a plan.
  • Checking out the feasibility and level of interest – is there a need for it and will it work?
  • Identifying sources of funding and helping with funding applications.
  • Finding partners and other people and organisations who can help you.
  • Practical first steps to get it started.


We can give advice and support to other older people who are already involved in setting up services led by older people.

  • There are updates on the new website and through our newsletter.
  • There will be events where you can meet other people doing similar things in their own areas.

Further Resources

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