Outside the Box Development Support

Telling people about what you have achieved

You are fabulous! You have worked so hard through all sorts of difficulties, and have achieved great things – even if they weren’t all the ones you set out to do. Now you want to tell people what you have done and what difference you have made.

• We can help you work out who you want to reach, and how to reach different people.

• We can help you present your achievements in a way that feels right for you – so it is your voice and not someone else’s.

• We can include information about the projects we work with in the updates we send to a wide range of people, so they can contact you direct.

Tomorrow's Women Glasgow

Service User Involvement with women with complex needs who are involved in the Criminal Justice System Tomorrow’s Women Glasgow is an...

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We're Here Too!

Thank you to everyone who participated in these events. The notes will be available on our website soon. There are many examples of older people...

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We're Here Too!