Outside the Box Development Support

Providing support for the people who lead organisations or projects

There are lots of people who keep ideas and groups going – as committee members, volunteers, workers or advisors. Often you are supporting other people. Sometimes it is good to have some support for yourself. You might need someone to be a sounding board, or help you think out how you are going to take things forward.

• We can help you work through a particular issue or a short-term problem, for example, when there is a lot of change happening in your project.

• We can provide on-going support.

• We can help you work out what other sources of advice and support are available for you and others in your group, and how to get access to these in a way that is right for your circumstances.

Tomorrow's Women Glasgow

Service User Involvement with women with complex needs who are involved in the Criminal Justice System Tomorrow’s Women Glasgow is an...

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We're Here Too!

Thank you to everyone who participated in these events. The notes will be available on our website soon. There are many examples of older people...

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We're Here Too!