Outside the Box Development Support

Producing toolkits and practical resources

You have an idea about producing something that will be a practical help for the people you know, such as a list of useful contacts or training materials, or an easy to use description of policies. But you aren’t too sure about how to get started.

• We can help you work out what you want your resource to be – who it is for and how they will use it.

• We can gather the information and put it together.

• We can work with you or some of the people you know, so it is your toolkit or resource pack.

• We can help you work out the practical aspects of how people will know about it and get hold of it, so as many people as possible can use it and benefit.

Tomorrow's Women Glasgow

Service User Involvement with women with complex needs who are involved in the Criminal Justice System Tomorrow’s Women Glasgow is an...

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We're Here Too!

Thank you to everyone who participated in these events. The notes will be available on our website soon. There are many examples of older people...

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We're Here Too!